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Who We Are

SuperiorPay, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Australia, has emerged as a prominent fintech company specializing in online cross-border payments and foreign exchange services, catering to a global clientele. Over the past decade, our commitment to excellence has attracted more than 150,000 customers worldwide.


We have strategically expanded our operations to encompass multiple countries, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and the United States. Our remarkable growth trajectory has solidified our status as one of Australia's fastest-growing fintech enterprises.

What We Do

SuperiorPay has innovated a comprehensive "global payment solution" to meet the evolving demands of cross-border businesses.


This solution integrates cross-border payments, mobile payments, O2O payments, multi-channel auditing, data-driven risk management, and online marketing. It effectively addresses challenges like low payment conversion, unstructured fees, and high trading risks.

By streamlining cross-border transactions, enhancing mobile payment convenience, and bridging online-to-offline transactions, SuperiorPay boosts payment efficiency, minimizing risks, and promoting the online trading industry's growth. This user-friendly, secure, and regulatory-compliant solution caters to the needs of businesses and consumers in the global marketplace.

Business Meeting

Our Success Story

Our core strength lies in our ability to craft sophisticated and automated payment workflows through APIs. These workflows are designed to simplify and streamline financial operations for both traditional businesses and digitally native enterprises, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.


A pivotal milestone in our journey occurred in 2015 when SuperiorPay achieved the distinction of becoming the first Alipay spot payment acquirer in both Australia and New Zealand. This achievement opened doors to an array of opportunities, allowing us to offer our services across diverse industries, including education, transportation, lifestyle, fashion, tourism, catering, hospitality, e-commerce, logistics, medical and health.


Currently, we handle over 10,000 transactions daily, illustrating our wide-reaching impact and commitment to facilitating seamless, secure, and efficient cross-border transactions for our clients. At SuperiorPay, we remain dedicated to driving innovation, fostering financial inclusivity, and staying at the forefront of the dynamic fintech landscape.

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